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Shirataki Sake Brewery is home to a number of renowned ‘families’ of sake which have their own labels, such as Jozen or Uonuma.Within these labels, different sake types are made, for example Jozen Daiginjo, or Uonuma-Junmai.

Sake will differ according to the sake type, but each label has its own distinctive characteristics. For example, there are various types of Jozen sake, but all are characterized by a light, easy-drinking palette. This page describes the main sake labels produced by Shirataki Sake Brewery.

Jozen Mizunogotoshi

Jozen Mizunogotoshi Jozen Mizunogotoshi
The style of this label is to provide a light, clear sake that is easy on the palette, but offers a background of subtle tasting notes. Jozen is an ideal accompaniment for a variety of foods, and for beginners to the world of sake, this is an ideal introduction. As such, Jozen is one of the most popular sake labels in Japan.

Minatoya Tosuke

Minatoya Tosuke Minatoya Tosuke
This label is named after the founder of Shirataki Sake Brewery. In keeping with the venerable traditions associated with such a name, the Minatoya Tosuke label offers the deep flavour and characteristics of traditional sake for a modern age.


Uonuma Uonuma
‘Uonuma’ is a local area of Niigata Prefecture famed for its natural beauty. The kura-bito have a long history of affection for the Uonuma area due to its production of excellent rice crops, and this is shown in Uonuma sake. This rich, deep sake is a manifestation of the wealth of experience of sake making in this area and is as much enjoyed by locals of Uonuma as sake-lovers around the country.

Shingono Ippon

Shingono Ippon Shingono Ippon
Only the very best Japanese rice is used in the creation of this sake, which is brewed using the traditional cotton moromi pressing technique. The traditional techniques make for an elegant sake with strong, complex flavours and a powerful aroma.