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Our people

Our most important resource is our Kura-bito, the brewery workers whose experience and know-how is vital. For Shirataki to maintain our standards, we take great care to educate our Kura-bito in the art of sake making. His cumulative knowledge and experience is vital at every stage.


koujisitu taru

Our ingredients

All the water used in our brewing process is drawn from a natural underground mineral water source in Echigo Yuzawa, water drawn around 10metres up to ground level. A careful screening process is carried out to ensure that the water contains no harmful impurities in particular iron deposits, which though a natural occurrence can have a highly detrimental affect to the sake making process. After this screening process, the water is naturally filtered to ensure the highest standards.

The rice used by Shirataki Sake Brewery is also of the finest quality. We use the best quality rice grain types such as ‘Yamada-nishiki’ and ‘Gohyakumangoku’, in order to create sake with the distinctive Shirataki easy-drinking style. Our partnership with local farmers ensures provision of this top quality rice, which is always in high demand.


Our facilities
Maintenance of high standards requires top quality brewing facilities. For example, the sake bottling process requires consummate attention to cleanliness, which must be guan teed by our Kura(brewery) facilities.


Safe Delivery
For many types of sake, heat can be a great enemy, a destroyer of the subtle sake palette. Apart from maintaining strict temperature control in the Kura, we also make sure that our sake is kept at an optimum temperature during delivery, so that Shirataki sake hits the stores in pristine condition. Traditional ways of sake brewing is computerized stock-taking: we perform a daily stock-take of all our sake, to ensure timely delivery of our products, which ensures the best quality.
line line bottle

Whilst our sake making relies on cumulative experience gleaned across the generations, Shirataki is committed to finding new ways to improve production of our sake. In addition, our R&D department places great store in analysis of our product this can take many forms, from scientific analysis of sake batches to answering questions asked during customer feedback.   kenkyu