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The shubo, kome-koji and steamed rice are gradually added to pure Yuzawa water during this three-step danjikomi process, to create moromi this is the base product; unrefined sake.    moromi

danjikomi   The danjikomi process takes around 30 days, during which time starch molecules are broken down into sugar molecules, which can then be processed by yeast cells for fermentation.

The moromi is carefully put into cotton bags and pressed. This filters the sake, and helps produce the mild taste of sake.    moromi

sakekasu   Upon completion of the sake making process, the Sake-kasu residue is left behind this is delivered to local stores in its natural state. When making sake, there is no waste!

The matured sake is bottled, with small amounts of water added to regulate the percentage alcohol content as per the standards of Shirataki sake. The qualities of the sake are strictly monitored and checked prior to being cleared for general sale.    bindume

natu no kura    The time taken to make sake can vary according to the environment and conditions, but generally the sake batch will be ready to drink just as the new greenery of spring can be seen in the local mountains.